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9 meters 8 painting barge in Suzhou Shantang Street

9 meters 8 painting barge in Suzhou Shantang Street


Shantang Street is located in Suzhou City, with the northwest end to Huqiu and the southeast end in Tuen Mun. The street is parallel with the Shantang River. Slate paving on the street, on both sides is an old house with a wall and a tile, typical of the old city of Suzhou. The whole street is full of shops and halls, and you can walk on the street. From time to time, you can see an ancient stone bridge across the river and extending more lanes. At night, the lights on both sides of the river are bright, and the red river and the old house are reflected on the quiet river.


Here, you can also enjoy the boat from the water (50 yuan per person, about 30 minutes). It is a good idea to take a boat trip to the Shantang River after the night. You can see the scenery on both sides of the river. By the way, you can think about it. The bustling past, about half an hour back and forth.

Qilishantang is the base of food, Caizhizhai, Huangtianyuan, and Green Yangyan shop. There are countless snacks that can be eaten along the street, which will make you enjoy your meal and make you feel good. There are many ancient buildings on the Qili Mountain Pond. Each one is carved and antiqued, giving people a sense of vicissitudes. The night view of Qilishantang is very beautiful, colorful lights, reflected in the wide canal waterway, the sound of paddles, the sound of water, makes people seem to return to the era of Lu Xun's life. Take a slow walk along Shantang Street, you can enjoy the special charm of Jiangnan Water Town and Suzhou Street, which is worth a visit.

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