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[New Ship Factory] 4 FRP Painted Barges in Lishui Ecological Tourism Scenic Spot, Lishui, Zhejiang

[New Ship Factory] 4 FRP Painted Barges in Lishui Ecological Tourism Scenic Spot, Lishui, Zhejiang


Lishui has been established in the state since its inception. It has a long history. Jinyun Xiandu Huangdi Temple, Longquan Baojian, Celadon, Haochuan Liangzhu Cultural Site, Qingtian Stone Carving Culture, and Suichang Black Pottery have strong cultural atmosphere and are the largest Yi people's settlements in the country.

Lishui is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. In 2000, the city's GDP was 13.55 billion yuan, and the per capita GDP was less than 40.2% of Zhejiang's average level. It is a small economic city in Zhejiang Province and belongs to the underdeveloped areas of developed coastal provinces and cities.



This time, Lishui City Lijiang Eco-tourism Scenic Area Management Committee ordered 4 painting rafts and 2 9-meter-eight FRP painting rafts in our Second Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., respectively, ——Zhe Lishui Tour 1026, Zhe Lishui Tour 1027, boat passenger quota: 30 people, 2 crew members.

And two 14-meter FRP painted barges, respectively, —— Zhe Lishui Tour 1028, Zhe Li Shui Tour 1029, vessel passenger quota: 44 people, 2 crew members.

The tourism resources of the Lishui River Basin in Lishui are all within the province, and the types of resources are rich and diverse, which is conducive to the development of various tourism projects.

The construction of the ecological tourism scenic spot in the Lancang River is of great significance for improving the development level of tourism in Lishui City. In this project, Greenview is based on the background of ecological resources, highlighting its brand advantage of longevity and health, deepening the cultural heritage, integrating tourism and tourism services, cultural experience services, leisure health, business conference services, tourism and holiday residences, etc. The Minjiang Eco-tourism Scenic Spot is made into a pan-tourism industry in Lishui City, and the tourism comprehensive development model is used to create a new business card for the image of Lishui City.

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