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What are the classifications of yachts?

The length of the yacht is internationally used to measure feet. In general, the length of the yacht reflects the yacht's grade and quality standards:

Classified by length

The length of the yacht is internationally used to measure feet. In general, the length of the yacht reflects the yacht's grade and quality standards:

Small yacht: less than 30 feet;

Medium yacht: 30--50 feet;

Large yacht: 50--60 feet;

Luxury yacht: 60 feet or more.

(Note: 1 foot = 0.305 meters)

Classified by design type

The design type is “C”, that is, it belongs to the nearshore vessel and can sail in waters with a wind speed of no more than 6 and an effective wave height of no more than 2 meters. Generally small and medium yachts.

The design type is “B”, that is, it can sail in a sea area with a wind speed of no more than 8 and an effective wave height of no more than 4 meters.

Classified by function

Commercial yacht

Large and luxurious. The event space has been expanded and the guest and guest bedrooms have been installed; the bridges and cabins are decorated with exquisite decoration, such as suites in high-end hotels. Business yachts can carry a lot of friends and relatives to go out to sea to discuss business. On the boat, you can have a cocktail party or a dinner party, just like a sea restaurant.

Sports and leisure boats

Racing boat

Like the Formula 1 car on land, it is about speed. In order to pursue the ultimate speed, the design of the lower part of the waterline requires the smoothness of water cutting, and the requirements for the strength of the hull are increased. The design of the hull above the waterline removes the outerwear that is sufficient to enhance the wind resistance, forcing the air. Excellent streamlined shape in dynamics, over 100 kilometers at high speed. The racing boat is designed with an extra long cabin and a simple shape. At the same time, it has a spacious and comfortable leisure space.


Like a sports car on the land, ride it, throw the wind behind your head and experience the feeling of flying on the water.

There are two forms:

Open (ride) type, it is not in the cabin, the bow has a comfortable seat for you to take a ride with friends.

The head (small cabin) type, which prepares a cabin that can rest when you are tired. You can just pursue the feeling of pure control. You can also take it around for a ride, or use it as a base for water skiing, diving, and snorkeling.

Cruise yacht

Like a land RV. It is a home on the water. In order to give you a comfortable parade and a wide leisure space, you have designed a higher hull, a larger ship type, and you have the feeling of returning home in the cabin.

Fishing boat

Designed for fishing fans who love freedom and adventure, seeing it comes to the gift of the sea - fish. With it, you can enjoy a comfortable and convenient fishing trip. Fishing boats are slightly different depending on the applicable area. For example, some fishing boats are only suitable for shallow waters in inland lakes, while others are suitable for deep seas and deeper lakes. Usually, the fishing boat is provided with a fish pond, a fishing rod bracket, a bait box, a pulley and the like. The large towboats also have fishing facilities such as a splitter frame and a fish tracker. A fish that is more than a dozen centimeters long appears within 20 meters. It can't escape the probe's "eyes" and ride it to find the gift of the sea!

Sail boat

Old and modern. Sailing is a water sport that uses sails to propel a vessel to race within a specified distance. It combines entertainment, appreciation, adventure and competition. Modern sailing has become one of the most popular and popular sports activities in the world's coastal countries and regions, and it is also an important channel for people's maritime cultural exchanges. The 2nd Olympic Games in 1900 began to be listed as an official competition. Sailing is an ancient water transport. The sailing boat as an entertainment originated in the Netherlands from the 16th to the 17th centuries. In the 19th century, Britain, the United States and other countries set up sailing clubs. In 1870, the Atlantic America's America's Cup was held. The International Sailing Federation was founded in Paris in 1907. Contemporary sailing boats are designed for sailing enthusiasts and rely on natural winds to travel around the world. The sailboat is steered on the stern so that you can try the speed very quickly. If you have the wind, you can enjoy sailing in any season.

Other types of yachts

Jet boat

The speedboat with jet engine as the power source has the same function as the speedboat, and the hull is small and full speed. Take a ride on the narrow stream and walk through the cliff canyons to experience the thrill of the experience.

Rubber boat

Mostly small boats with paddles and pumps. Generally used for streams or sea rafting activities. Streaming rafting is a favorite of most players. Because of the large gap in the stream, it can slam in the rapid current, satisfying the dream of stimulating and challenging the mental and physical limits