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What should you pay attention to when driving and sailing?

Driving a yacht is a pleasure for most people. Modern yacht control systems are more advanced and flexible, so the international qualifications for yachts are more relaxed. Driving a yacht is actually very simple and even easier than driving.

Driving a yacht is a pleasure for most people. Modern yacht control systems are more advanced and flexible, so the international qualifications for yachts are more relaxed. Driving a yacht is actually very simple and even easier than driving. However, since driving a yacht requires basic navigation knowledge and electrical and mechanical knowledge, it is necessary to take into account the safety of the driver and others. Therefore, the law still requires that the yacht can be driven before the yacht can be driven. The legal provisions are for ocean navigation. Basic security considerations.
The skill of driving a yacht is not simply a boat driving technique, but a familiar understanding of the water, with basic knowledge of chart reading, ship stability, ship crafts and machinery, as well as astronomy, geography, ocean and other aspects. Know how. A qualified yacht captain, his boat driving skills only account for 10% of his driving ability. The remaining 90% of the capabilities are comprehensive knowledge and experience of navigation outside of driving technology.

Driving on different land roads on water. The situation of cars driving on the road is relatively clear, and the waterway for yacht navigation is much more complicated. Sometimes the waterway is wide, but underwater riverbeds and seabeds have problems such as reefs and shoals, which are hard to find by the naked eye. There are road signs and markings on land roads, and there are traffic light guides at intersections. Car drivers can see the road conditions with the naked eye. There are no road signs and no markings on the water transportation. There is no depth or no traffic lights. The boat drivers often cannot rely on the human eye to judge the road ahead. They also have to rely on compasses, depth detectors, satellite positioning systems, radar and automatic Driving electronic systems such as driving systems is often a negligence, or a low-level error can lead to a shipwreck.

The technical operation of yacht driving is simple and easy, but the ability to get on the road is much more complicated. The so-called "work" in the "poetry" outside!

Let me talk about the driving and licensing issues. The simple yacht driving technique is very simple and easy to learn. Of course, this refers to small and medium-sized yachts, and it takes a lot of work to drive a large yacht. The driving of yachts is generally divided into two levels in the Western countries, namely primary and advanced. Both the captain and the engineer are two-tier.

The training and licenses are generally operated by government-designated private commercial organizations. As long as they are 16 years old and have passed the medical examination, these driving organizations can assist you in obtaining a power boat driving license. However, unless you have experience in driving, most people will not be able to go out on their own, even if they have a driver's license. Therefore, I suggest that those who are prepared to obtain the qualification for yachting must participate in the practical courses offered by the senior captain before enjoying the unrestrained pleasure, and the yacht agency selected by the shipowners is also obliged to provide such services.

Some of the maritime bureaus in China have the training of the captain's engineer. The maritime bureaus of all places also have appointed maritime agencies to provide agency training. In order to obtain a yacht driver's license, it is best to participate in some professional maritime boat business training.

Water transportation is different from ground transportation. The training programs are many and complicated, and the examination requirements are strict. The provinces and cities of Hainan, Guangzhou, Dalian, Shanghai and Zhejiang in mainland China have issued independent maritime regulations for yachts. These regulations have already taken the first step towards yacht maritime affairs, and will definitely be upgraded to areas such as sea areas and sea power in the future.

Taking Shanghai as an example, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has now enacted and promulgated the “Management Methods for Training, Examination and Issuance of Yacht Drivers”, which stipulates that the yacht driving license test is divided into theoretical part and actual operation part (referred to as pen and surgery). Special training is required before taking the exam in the maritime department. The training will take at least half a month, and it will take another two months to get a license for a private yacht. Moreover, due to the different waterways in different waters, the current yacht licenses are often limited to local use, and mutual recognition of driver's licenses is common across the country.

In addition to the problem of the driver's license training assessment to be regulated, the yacht buyers also face a series of difficulties such as the opening of the navigation channel, the construction of the port terminal, the standard inspection, and the water rescue. It takes time for a private yacht to sail freely, which involves the navigation area of ​​the yacht.

From a natural geographic perspective:

The activity area of ​​a leisure yacht is as wide as the waters, whether it is a river, a lake, a reservoir, a coast, or an offshore area. In addition to some areas of military use, protected reservoirs and water sources, nuclear power plants and oil terminals, the rest of the waters can fully enjoy the pleasure of yachting activities.

In addition to the environmental factors of natural geography and political geography, the active area of ​​the yacht is also affected by the internal factors of the yacht itself. Generally speaking, the longer the size of the yacht, the larger the range of activities.

The activity area of ​​the small speedboat is about 10 nautical miles from the shore;

The active area of ​​a luxury yacht is generally within 8 hours of the shore;

The active area of ​​the ultra-luxury yacht is within three nights of the shore;

The active area of ​​the sailboat is the oceanic area within a hundred nautical miles.

In the countries where Western marine sports are popularized, the distribution stations along the coast (oil supply, water supply, power supply and food supply) are well distributed, and there are many yacht bays and yacht harbors that are berthed by boats, and there is a perfect and strong coast. Ship patrol agencies and air service agencies. These factors greatly extend the yacht's endurance and range of activity.

Yachts in Hong Kong and Macao can only be "tour" world, not "tours" coastal China.

China is currently unable to solve the problem of the Taiwan Strait, and the seas of private yachts on the coast of China are still subject to temporary division of local waters. Shippers are required to go through complicated and time-consuming declaration procedures when sailing beyond the local seas.